Business Opportunities

1. We offer Employment and Business opportunities to people irrespective of their Age,Qualification and Experience, to Students, Retired or House Wives, they can work Part time,Full time or from Home.

2. We offer Commercial and Marketing Platform for those with Innovative Ideas, Concepts,products and services through Johnson Healthcare. We intend to mobilize youth and dream to create 1000 ENTREPRENEURS all over INDIA by 2025.

3. Due to Nomination facility, your Business shall be passed on to your nominee, hence this is Safe and Secure association, once in a life time opportunity.

4. Johnson Healthcare products shall take care of your Health, also shall increase income of people working in Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Horticulture Floriculture.

5. We commit to provide free advice, suggestions and counseling through our Team of Experts on Education, Employment, Business Opportunity, Financial Support, Health and Nutrition and other such social issues.

6. Johnson Healthcare is transparent, open, compliant to Regulatory norms and it’s your own company. It’s opportunity to all our Members to become Director of the Company.

7. Who so ever is interested to join Johnson Healthcare are requested to go through Remuneration Link, in which other Terms and Conditions, Company’s and Direct Seller’s obligations and rights have been given.

8. Interested Candidates are also requested to go through Training Link, in which you will find Various Training modules on Company Information, Product Information,Registration and Operational Guidance. You can contact Company Executives through mail for any of your difficulties.

9. Company informs to each and every candidate that, you will not handover Cash or Cheques and DD’s to anyone, you do on your own or through online Business Portal.Company is not responsible for any deviations and conflicts due to this.

10. When you click on I Accept Terms on Registration page and submit, it is assumed that you have gone through Training Modules, Remuneration, Terms and Conditions,Company and Product Information. Acceptance means you have agreed all Terms and Conditions.