Johnson Healthcare Product Reviews

1. Luv U Mom is a gift to India. This is the only product formulated as per Indian RDA. Some of the Malnourished children at Aanganwadi, when observed not to be improving, even after all efforts taken by Officials, and regularly using products procured by Govt. for the purpose, have been improved by using Luv U Mom, we have seen a noticeable improvement in height and weight of children within three months. Luv U Mom is a requirement for every child, and there is no option than Luv U Mom to fulfill the daily micronutrient need of growing child. Tasteless, odourless form to be taken with semi solid food, makes Luv U Mom a better option to other flavoured contemporary products to be taken with milk which general public can not afford. Thanks to Luv U Mom. Dr. Bendre.

2.Master Hamja Irfan Momin, two and half years old, had been examined by me four months ago, he was suffering from recurring RTI and low immunity. He was advised Luv U Mom sachet every day for four months, since then he is physically alright with weight gain. Before that he had visited many Doctors but failed to avoid his frequent susceptibility to infections and diseases. Dr. M.M. Atakare.

3.Luv U and All the TIME is like fuel and oil to your body systems to keep it always in Active, Healthy and Energetic mode of mind and body. Dr. Dipali Nalawade.

4.Johnson Healthcare products are affordable, effective and result oriented to majority of Indian population suffering from many of the health issues, start them today and avoid the risk of lifestyle diseases at the older age of your life. Dr. Pratap Jagdale

5.I am prescribing Johnson Healthcare products, Luv U Mom and All the Time since last few years. I am getting very good results on various conditions in various age groups and patients. I am satisfied with the results. Staged Formulations of Luv U Mom and All the time as per age and gender requirements makes them safe to use, without side effects and hyper dosages. Dr. Makarand Barve

6.We have many products manufactured by Multinationals since last so many years. This product manufactured by Indian company is really very effective than all of them. Dr. Suresh Patil

7.Today everyone after 30 years is facing one or the other health issues, but when I started All the Time capsules for myself, I feel energetic through out the day. I have started All the Time to my paralytic grandmother, and have seen improvement in her as well. I have noticed remarkable increase in number of natural deliveries of pregnant women using All the time capsules. Dr. Gaikwad

8.I had a patient with poor weight gain during pregnancy, I advised All the time capsules for her and surprisingly her weight was increased to normal level within three months. The concern in such cases is premature delivery, low immunity, under weight which causes thousands of maternal deaths in India. Since then I am prescribing All the time capsules to my patients. Dr. Shraddha Barve.

9.After starting Luv U Mom to my son, I have observed increase in height by 4-5 inches, increase in weight of my son, and I am continuing Luv U Mom and promoting this products to others. Mr. Waghmare.

10. Common Observation of all the Customers using Luv U Mom, Dietary Supplement for Children.
» Increase in height and weight.
» Concentration in studies.
» Feels energetic and fresh.
» No sluggishness or irritability.
» Takes interest in outdoor sports.Increase in appetite.
» Increase in immune power, susceptibility to contagious diseases has been decreased

11.Started All The Time to my patients and observed that this product is so much effective my patients says, “ We feel energetic and fresh, thanks Dr.” I specially thanks to All The Time products. Dr. Sarawati Shinde

12.Past 2 years my daughter was always crying and was not getting weight because of low appetite but after starting Luv U Mom within four days her appetite has been increased, gained weight, stopped crying and she is getting her sleep well and after two years I am also getting a relaxed sleep. Thanks to Luv U Mom. Mrs. Bina Rathod.

13. I was suffering from Frozen shoulder. After MRI doctor suggested to take rest and continue pain killers regularly but the pain was as it is, and side effects of the medicines was acidity. My sister suggested me to stop all the medicines and start All The Time 30+ Women now the problem has vanished, First I was not even able to move my hand but now I can do all the household work. It’s really a magic for me thanks to Johnson Healthcare. Mrs. Shobina Dsouza.

14. I have been HIV positive for 3 years. I was under medication but my immunity was very low and used to get infected easily My doctor suggested me All The Time13- 30 Women capsules now my immunity has been increased feel very active. All The Time has changed my life now I can live healthy and a happy life all the Time.

15.I was anemic for many years, it runs in the family. The symptoms are terribly dry skin, weakness in knees and back, cold hands and feet I was taking iron supplement This didn't help, then I started to search for multi vitamins my friend gave me All The Time 30+Men capsules as he was taking the same I thought maybe it was another waste of money I couldn't believe, I had to go up and down the stairs to see if the weakness was gone and everyday my body is feeling better but thank goodness now I can work hard in my farm whole day Thank u friend.

16. I am bike lover but from 6 months I had pain in my knees and spine All The Time 13-30 Men this product has changed my life completely. Now I am more mobile and I can travel wherever I wish. My pain went off in just a few days. I would recommend trying this product if you are suffering from similar pains you will experience noticeable improvement without any side effects or allergic issues. Dr.Manoj Patil

17. Positive effects in infertility have been observed in cows and buffaloes supplemented with Vitamino Power. Mr. Rashtrapal.

18. My dad is a farmer and has dairy cows, buffaloes and goats. He started using DUDH-BARISH and CALCIMAAN since it was introduced by a vet in our area. Surprisingly not only milk has increased but also the fat level and overall growth. This product helped me to increase my monthly income by 30%. Mr. Rohite.

19 I have been using Jovital for years with no problems. This is a great product it keeps my hens healthy and laying. My hens never looked so healthy! Easy to use. Would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their hens healthy and naturally always. Thanks for a great product!!! Mr. Pandey

20 Jovital is easy to use. The chickens enjoy having it and there is no egg withdrawal. It is a natural product. Mr. Thorve

21 Luv U Mom was evaluated for three months on 22 Malnourished Children, in one Aanganwadi, under supervision of BDO, in Satara District, Maharashtra. Significant improvement in 21 Children was observed, but One child could not show improvement. When this case was investigated, it was found that, child’s mother had not given Luv U Mom to him. That means this product has 100% result. We are very happy with the results. In order to make India a healthier and stronger nation. We request your help/support in promoting and sponsoring Luv U Mom – Multiple Micronutrient Powder, daily dietary supplement for Children through Social Activities , to children in our fight against malnutrition. All the Time Capsules – Daily Health supplement for Adult Malnutrition, for Pregnant women, lactating mothers and general people, is the need of the hour. I personally believe if we use Luv U Mom and All the Time for atleast three years, India will be free from Malnutrition. If India succeeds in eliminating under nutrition in young children, it can boost the Gross National Product (GNP) up to 11%..