1. Mr. Sanjit Jana, J1000, West Bengal
Mr . Sanjit Jana, became the first Executive in the history of Johnson Healthcare, by registering his ten direct members on 16th Jan. 2017. He is very supportive and was instrumental in restructuring our Business Plan. Johnson healthcare Family congratulates him and wishes him all the best for his future career. Mr. Sanjit Jana becomes the the First Manager and also completed his 200 Members on 13th Feb. 2017.

2. Mr. Lutfor RAHMAN, Assam
Mr. Lutfor Rahman is our FIRST EXECUTIVE to become Winner of Rs. 6000 LAUNCHING DHAMAKA Offer. This is not just winning award, but is appreciation of his hard work , committment and sincerety by Management. This achievement of Mr. Lutfor signifies that he has that potential to reach TOP of his career. We all as Johnson Healthcare Family wishes him ALL THE BEST. He was guided by his Team Leader Mr. Sanjit Jana, Congratulations to Mr. Sanjit Jana,

3. Mr. Bsanjoy Kumar Sahu, Kolkata
Mr. Bsanjoy Kumar Sahu is our TEAM LEADER from KOLKATA. He is experienced in Net working business. Johnson Healthcare is really blessed to have a person like him. Company is always formed by such people, otherwise there is no separate existence for company without people. Mr. Bsanjoy Sahu has become EXECUTIVE and has won Rs. 6000 award in very short time. His efforts have been appreciated with wishing him ALL THE BEST and expecting till further milestones to be conquered by him.

4 . Mr. Y Dharni Kumar, Vishkapattanam
Mr. Y Dharni Kumar has won Rs. 6000 award and has become our EXECUTIVE. Mr. Dharni Kumar is expanding his Team in Jharkhand and in some parts of Andhra Pradesh. He has potential to reach the Top in his career, this is just begining of his career to wards his objectives in fulfilling all his dreams. Johnson Healthcare shall always support him, guide him and appreciate him by such initiatives. ALL THE BEST Mr. Dharni Kumar.

4 . Mr. Kundan Kumar Saw, Jamshedpur
Mr. Kundan Kumar Saw has become our EXECUTIVE and also won Rs. 6000 LAUNCHING DHAMAKA Offer. Mr. Kundan is very young and hardworking. He is very sincere in his work, we find him always on his job, excellent time management and people do respect him. We are blessed to have Mr. Kundan with us. Our mission is to make Johnson Healthcare known by its products and people and Mr. Kundan is the best example of this. We Congratulate Mr. Kundan and his Team Leader Mr. Y Dharni Kumar and wish them ALL THE BEST.